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With love from Kristin

on April 29, 2013

Lisa is truly a special friend. She has a beautiful, friendly face that always can put a smile on your face even in the worst situations. I have not other friend that can make me laugh as hard as Lisa. I laugh so hard I have to cross my legs so I do not pee myself. Though I love hanging out with Lisa in the social scene, I have a hard time sitting next to her in a movie theater. Her sense of humor often brings me to tears because I laugh so hard. The rest of the movie theater guests “know” that we are there.

Lisa is often very literal. She is very willing to help with running errands and making copies. I have learned that you must be very specific, or you never know how Lisa might interpret your directions. I am often completely surprised when she returns from the errand.

We appreciate the fact that Lisa often takes on the burdensome tasks for the science department like cutting fishing line or carpet. Or maybe I should say, Jeff and Lauren take on the tasks. The Freedman family is very helpful to the WP Science Department.

I love you Lisa!!!!!!

Kristin Slota

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