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With love from Aunt Bette

on May 2, 2013

Dearest “Wassa”,

I can’t believe it’s been 50 years since my sister brought home her adorable baby girl. Her name was Elizabeth and I was thrilled that she had the same name as me. (All of the Elizabeth’s in the family turned out to be teachers.)

I remember the happiest baby but when you weren’t, your grandfather would hold you up on his shoulders and walk you through the garden telling you the names of all the flowers. I remember your grandmother holding you and going “Ah-boo!” in your face and you exploding in giggles. They adored you!

Wassa and Bette

I also remember you swinging on the furniture and when we asked what you were doing you’d say “winging”.

I found a letter my mom wrote me when I was overseas and she said you were laughing one day and she said “Lisa you laugh just like Bette and you said ‘I should, I hung around with her enough.'”

Here’s to more laughter!

You’ve always been a gift to our family and the world!!

Happy 50th Birthday Dear Niece,

Love, Aunt Bette

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