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“It doesn’t taste like red…”

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About Lisa

Lisa Freedman is not a celebrity. She is “just” a normal person like you and me.  She’s a beautiful person, both inside and out and because of that we think she deserves her own fan site.  After all, we’re her biggest fans!  She’s an amazing mother, daughter, sister, wife and teacher.  She is warm, loving, kind, funny, charming, easygoing, bright, honest, compassionate, generous, intuitive — just to list a few adjectives that so well describe her.  Don’t take our word for it — see what her family and friends have to say about her in their own words in the “People rave about Lisa” posts category page.The site design mirror’s her personality — happy, fun, friendly and sunny.
In honor of her 50th birthday, her family and friends lovingly dedicate this fan site to her.
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With love from Kristin

Lisa is truly a special friend. She has a beautiful, friendly face that always can put a smile on your face even in the worst situations. I have not other friend that can make me laugh as hard as Lisa. I laugh so hard I have to cross my legs so I do not pee myself. Though I love hanging out with Lisa in the social scene, I have a hard time sitting next to her in a movie theater. Her sense of humor often brings me to tears because I laugh so hard. The rest of the movie theater guests “know” that we are there.

Lisa is often very literal. She is very willing to help with running errands and making copies. I have learned that you must be very specific, or you never know how Lisa might interpret your directions. I am often completely surprised when she returns from the errand.

We appreciate the fact that Lisa often takes on the burdensome tasks for the science department like cutting fishing line or carpet. Or maybe I should say, Jeff and Lauren take on the tasks. The Freedman family is very helpful to the WP Science Department.

I love you Lisa!!!!!!

Kristin Slota

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Happy BDay from Senta, Drew & Hayes

Lisa, we are so grateful to have you in our lives, and even luckier to get to call you family. Happy 50th birthday, you prove it’s possible to become more wonderful and beautiful with every passing year, so here’s to many many more.

We love you!

Love Senta, Drew, and Hayes.

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Happy BDay from Lisa DeFalco

Lisa, my ‘sister from another mister’! I am so grateful to have you in my life. You have such a great way of bringing people together. You are the key inspiration for extending the TPG family to spouses and kids and I am forever appreciative of how easily you engage and create a strong family unit that extends far beyond the Freedman name 🙂

Love you and Happy Birthday!


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Happy BDay from Cousin Howard

Every body looks forward to this time of their life. They think it will be well, you know, but it’s not. I don’t mind being 55 but my body does. I wish my body was 21 again.

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With love from Nancy & Doug

“LISA” — Beautiful, intelligent, loving, compassionate, happy, creative, fun, a devoted wife, a wonderful mother, a perfect daughter and a friend to all. When I think of you, I smile! Happy Birthday, Lisa, and I wish you 50 more happy, healthy, fun-filled years. As the song goes, “Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music ………. ” Keep the music going and never change, YOU are perfection!!!

Love Always, Nancy & Doug

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Happy BDay, Love Amelia

I love Aunt Lisa because she’s funny, awesome, and laughs when I annoy Uncle Jeff. Happy Birthday, love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

“Wait, she’s only turning 50? How much older is Uncle Jeff?”

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Happy BDay, Love Finn

I love Aunt Lisa because, she always happy and she’s really nice. Happy 50 year old birthday. I love you!

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Happy BDay, Love Milo

I love aunt Lisa because she’s funny, she’s kind and she’s always happy. Happy birthday, I love you!

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