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A poem from Steven

on April 29, 2013

Dearest Lisa,

A Freedman family tradition is to express our thoughts and feelings in rhyme.  So in tribute to your 50th birthday, I am sending this with lots of love!
You married my brother,
so I question your taste.
You stuck around (so far),
no departing in haste.
25 years have passed
since you married the sot
I wonder if he realizes
the luck that he’s got
We’ve known you for longer
(you dated him first)
I attribute that to alcohol.
You must have quite a thirst.
You gave us first Becky
then Lauren close behind.
A lifetime of love
from a half minute’s grind.
The years have flown by
and they’ve dragged just the same.
At 50 years old
do you remember my name?
Half of a century lived,
now gone in a blink.
No more dating, or homework
or diapers that stink.
50 more years?
Maybe more? Why not?
With Jeff at your side
it’d be worth quite a lot.
Grandkids will come – 
after husbands I hope.
The girls will marry great men
post boyfriends that grope.
Great joy you’ve brought
to our freedman tribe.
If I suspected you’d leave
I might offer a bribe.
I’ll end here by saying
we love you a ton.
Your a Freedman through and through,
and our true hearts you’ve won.
Lot’s and lot’s of love and wishes for another wonderful 50 years of joy and laughter!


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